I'm doing WHAT?!


I finally did it. I finally booked my first solo trip ever to Miami right after I stuff my self on Thanksgiving. It’s time I take a small getaway for myself on my own. Granted it’s not some grandiose international getaway. The trip is close enough where my crippling anxiety won’t stop my from boarding the plane. I’m hoping to absolutely fall in love with Miami!

Those who really know me would normally assume that I’ll eventually back out of this trip, or I’ll come up with some sort of excuse to not go. That’s not happening this time. I’ve already signed myself up for activities and made a bunch of reservations that I cannot back out of! I’ve wasted enough money signing up for things and ended up not going through with them for the most senseless reasons. For instance, if I had plans with someone and they canceled, I would be more than happy to just stay home with my dogs. So done with doing that!

I’m no travel expert, so please don’t assume I’ve found some insider deals that only experienced travelers would know. I set flight alerts through Google and kept watch on hotel rates on a pretty awesome room I’ve had my eye on for months.

So I guess its time to continue to stay excited, not worry about all the weight I’ve gain these past few months. All I’m concentrating on is the warm sunshine that will touching every inch of my body. If someone doesn’t like the way I look, that’ll be their problem!

Now excuse me while the OCD in me plans out every logistical detail of this trip, make lists about my lists, and worry about if its going to rain or not.

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